Sunday, 18 January 2015

winter warmers & current wardrobe favourites

tee - primark, shorts - ASOS, boots - Dr Martens, coat - urban outfitters, scarf - ASOS

Happy New Year! (I haven't blogged in 2015 yet due to an overwhelming amount of coursework followed by 2 exams). However, I've made it my New Years Resolution to blog at least once a week, I can't let Uni completely take over my life and stop me blogging!

It's so cold at the minute but I can't stop seem to wearing the shorts pictured. They're mum style shorts in a washed grey colour with rips in both legs. I picked them up from ASOS a couple of months ago and cannot stop wearing them at the moment. I like to wear them with a plain white tee to dress them down and my faithful Docs, as they're the comfiest and cosiest shoes for this weather! I have the softer leather ones so they've never caused me any problems with rubbing, which can sometimes be a problem with Docs, or so I've been told!

I then put on this coat that I picked up in the Urban Outfitters Christmas sales; I'd had my eye on it for a while and was so happy when it went into the sale, half price! It's 75% wool too so super cosy! Finally, I threw on my favourite accessory of the moment: this fluffy scarf. Another item I've had my eye on for months but couldn't justify spending £30 on a scarf so I was ecstatic when it went into the ASOS sale. It's white with red stripes running through it with tints of black and blue, sounds strange but it works so so well.

I'm really looking forwards to 2015, it's quite daunting with graduating University but hopefully everything falls into place and I can start a life in Germany!

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the minute?



  1. Love that ASOS scarf - I'm so torn whether or not to get it as I already have a similar one xx

    Suki and the City

    1. I'd really recommend it and you can never have too many scarves haha! x

  2. I'm totally in love with the outfit!
    I'm following you, hope you do the same :D
    xoxo, Márcia*

  3. I love that coat on you! So gorgeous :)

    By the way, I just updated my blog with a new post. I’d love for you to swing by:

    1. Thank you so much, I'll check out your blog now :) x

  4. I absolutely love the scarve, I'm such a fan of faux fur accessories and vestes!

    much love xxx

  5. Oh what a cute cute outift! I really love the fur! You are really soo beautiful! honey!
    Love your hair!

    What about follow4follow? Would be sooo happy if we would stay in touch!
    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful


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