Wednesday, 21 May 2014

double denim

jeans - republic - so super old, ✄ tee - Primark denim jacket - vintage Levi's via Ark shoes - Primark bag - present from Thailand 

I've always been a fan of double denim as it definitely seems to be a love/hate thing. I love light denim together as it gives such a 80s/90s feel and this jacket from that era represents the look I was going for perfectly. I've literally been wearing it none stop since I got it so sorry it's been featured so much on here! I tried desperately to get a blog post up last night but my internet just would not cooperate with me, sigh. I adore this bag my parents got me from Thailand last year, it's just a simple zip up shopper style bag with a long shoulder strap. It's a gorgeous blue/purple colour and has elephants imprinted on it and of course over there it was about £1/£2, amazing. I've had a pretty boring week, just working, washing, cooking etc - I do realise I sound like a 40 year old housewife, not a 20 year old student - what has happened to me?! I'm going to Holi Festival in Frankfurt on Saturday so will definitely be blogging about that, I'm so excited despite the anxiousness I have about the chalk and my hair, as it's bleached! I'm also planning to buy an SLR in September (a while a way, I know) so I can finally have some decent photos on here, better late than never!



  1. Loving the double denim

    Ally x

  2. Love those shoes!!!
    Wish we had Primark here they always have such cute things available!
    xo Holly xo


  3. What a bargain! I do love a good bit of double denim. ;)

    Tara x

  4. Defiantly feeling the 80s/90s vibes from this outfit! I love your bag too! Xx

  5. I love denim! And you look great!

    We def have to meet up lovely! xx


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