Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You Didn't Even Notice When The Sky Turned Blue

☀ Tee Shirt - American Apparel ☀ Jeans - Urban Outfitters (similar here Shoes - Urban Outfitters (similar here☀ Cardigan - Forever 21 (similar here Nails - Revlon scented Nail Varnish in Mad About Mango 

So I'm sticking to my word of more outfit posts seeing as I had a really good response from the last one I did, thank you for your lovely comments, they always make me smile (cringe, sorry). 

This outfit is very simple again because believe it or not, I don't wear statement or fancy clothes 24/7. I want to give you guys a proper insight to my wardrobe and to do that I'm going to show you what I honestly just throw on in the morning. There are days when I plan an outfit out but that's not everyday me. Seeing as I work Monday-Friday on my placement, I just dress like the photos above (dress code for my office is casual.) So my outfit posts are going to be a mix depending on what I'll be doing that day. I want to give you a real insight instead of dressing up and throwing on statement pieces only to take them off after I've taken my photos. I'm going to stop rambling now, I think/hope you get the gist.

I had people looking at me like I was mad today when I was walking to work as I'd rolled up my jeans to make them ankle grazers. The sun's shining and I'm definitely feeling in the mood for Spring so decided to dress like it. Honestly, it's not that cold (around 10 degrees), whether that's just me and the northerner within coming out, I don't know. I got these jeans in the sale from Urban Outfitters for 12€ and they're super comfy and high waisted - my favourite.

The top is a sheer top from American Apparel, which I picked up for 7€. Since I was wearing it for work, I threw on a plain H&M white vest top underneath to make it more casual. It's a gorgeous pastel blue colour and I love to go against the "rules" of the season and wear florals and pastels when it's still technically Winter, does anyone else do that?

I then threw on these black patent loafers which I also got from Urban Outfitters for 6€ (bargain, I know)! They have hurt my feet as expected, as it's the first time I've worn them; however I thought ahead and packed my trusty vans and a pair of socks in my bag to slip into if the pain became too much. The cream cardigan is an old favourite of mine that my parents got me from Forever 21 in Las Vegas a few years ago. It's my favourite cardigan and I love to wear it in Spring/Summer as I think it's such a gorgeous cardigan for the season.

On my nails, I have one of Revlons scented nail varnishes - Mad About Mango. If you've never tried these, when dried they smell exactly like the scent you've chosen, in this case - mango. It's a beautiful and bright colour, really putting me in the mood for some Summer sun! I'd definitely recommend these as they're a really fun concept and the coverage lasts for ages!

I'm definitely sad to be leaving Winter behind as it means I'll have to put a lot of my hats, Winter boots and fur away for another year!

What's your favourite style season?



  1. That iPhone case is just so funny!!! Love it!
    Thanks for the following Hannah, I'm following back xx

    1. Haha, thanks! I love it, it's a bit different to a standard case!
      Thank you so much :) xx

  2. I wear pastels all year round! This is a lovely blue, I want a leather jacket this colour.

    Tara xo

    1. Thank you! Yeah, they're just so pretty! x

  3. your phone cover has made my day. :)


  4. Your case is so cute! Lovely look!


  5. Lovely simple outfit! Your phone case is so cool haha!

    Rose xo


  6. Love this outfit, and I think it's great you're making a point of showing off more 'wearable' clothing; as much as we'd all love to be able to dress like fashionistas on a daily basis, it's just not realistic for most of us. I'm really going to miss winter fashion, for sure, it's my absolute favourite; I love wrapping up in layers or knitwear and knee-high boots! xx

    1. Thank you! I agree, as much as I'd love to dress like a fashionista everyday, it's just not practical for if I'm just nipping to the supermarket or going to work! Me too, I love Winter wear so much! xx

  7. Gorgeous! <3

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