Monday, 24 February 2014

Shoe Collection | YEAR ABROAD VERSION |

Hey guys!

I'm all moved into my new flat now and love it. Had a relaxing weekend of settling in and my flatmate is super nice too, which is a bonus! I'm actually off sick today, woke up feeling rotten and still have a raging temperature, blergh. Anyway, as many of you may know, I love shoes, they're my favourite thing to buy and I just can't resist when it comes to shoes.

Seeing as I'm on my year abroad currently, I can't do a full shoe collection post as I didn't bring all my shoes with me so this is just a fraction of them (warning: this post is picture heavy). 

L-R: Miss Selfridge, H&M

Although I don't really buy sandals I think owning a pair is essential and these ones from Miss Selfridge (left) are really cute for Summer. I got them a couple of years ago in the sale for about £8 and they're just really easy to wear. The flip flops are super comfy and I've had these years. I'm not a fan of rubber or cushioned flip flops, I much prefer these woven style ones - a wardrobe must.

L-R: Nike Blazers from Footlocker, Purple Glittery Vans from Office

I love my blazers so so much, I got these almost a year ago and I've worn them to death. They're super comfy and a really great casual shoe. I'm a huge vans fan and these are great because they're not cotton like the normal ones and don't tear and get holes in. I've had these around 18 months now and they're still going strong.

L-R: Jeffrey Campbell from TK Maxx, Vans from Vans store

These spiked high tops are one of my favourite pairs of shoes. I found these in TK Maxx for around £50 which is over half the RRP. They're amazing to look at and comfy but they're so heavy so I can't wear them if I'm going to be doing a lot of walking. These vans have been worn to death but I really don't want to throw them away. I got these about 2 and a half years ago but can't seem to part with them.

L-R: Primark, a random cheap shoe shop in the Bullring which has now closed down

I got these T bar Stiletto heels from Primark and I don't think they look like Primark at all. They fit really nice, the heel's around 4 inches and have little gold buckles. The wedges are a standard black wedge and are really comfy. I got them from a shop in the Bullring, Birmingham, which has now closed down but I can't remember the name!

L-R: Jeffrey Campbell from TK Maxx, Jeffrey Campbell from Style Pit

These are 2/3 of the Jeffrey Campbell heels I own and they're so comfy! The one's on the left were a bargain at £60 from TK Maxx and are the lita style shoe. These are the comfiest heels I own by far and the heel height is 5 inches. The one's on the left are my Freda's and I got these in the sale from Style Pit. The heel height of these is 6.5 inches but they're surprisingly comfortable and not hard to walk in.

L-R: Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters, New Look, TK Maxx

I love simple flat shoes and the one's on the left are a recent purchase, 6 euros from Urban Outfitters! The middle one's aren't the comfiest shoes I own, I definitely have to wear tights with them and the one's on the right are a grey crocodile print shoe, super practical and super comfy.

L-R: Topshop, Marks & Spencers

I got these velvet studded pumps from Topshop in a sale and they're very worn but I can't let them go, they're so comfy! The brogue style shoes are extremely comfortable from Marks & Spencers. I don't usually shop there but I picked these up about 3-4 years ago now and they've been amazing, can't fault them at all!

L-R: New Look, EMU at TK Maxx

These are my most sensible pairs of boots. The one's on the left I got from New Look nearly 5 years ago. They're lined with fur inside so are super cosy and have great grip for snowy weather. The one's on the right are the comfiest boots I own, they don't have much grip so aren't too practical but for comfort, they're amazing.

L-R: Jeffrey Campbell at Office, Boohoo

These Jeffrey Campbell boots are shoes I save for best. The heel is so tiny that I'm always scared of running it down too much so don't wear these all the time. I love the gold detailing on these and think they're super cute and unique. The boots on the right are a standard pair of black flat chelsea boots from Boohoo. They're super comfy and a staple piece.

L-R: New Look, Boohoo, ASOS

The boots on the left are from New Look and great dupes for the Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes. These are comfy when they want to be but sometimes can be a nightmare and rub my feet, very hit and miss! The middle one's are from Boohoo and have a cleated sole and are a heeled chelsea boot. They're reasonably comfortable but I can't walk around in them all day or my feet would be in agony but for wearing for a few hours, they're perfect! The one's on the right from ASOS have been my favourite boots this Winter. I love the contrast sole and chunky heel. They're super comfy and as you can probably tell, I've been wearing these most days.

So that's my shoe collection that I have here with me in Germany. Advice to anyone going on a year abroad: this many pairs of shoes is not that necessary! As you can tell, I have a thing mainly for boots, hence Winter being my favourite season.

What's your favourite style of shoe, do you have a favourite pair and what's your fashion weakness?



  1. Fabulous! What a great post love!

    New Blog Post: [My Outfit] A Pink Monday

  2. im in love with your nike red blazers!! i recently started getting into the trainers phase and am in desperate need of sneakers! thanks for the inspiration

  3. Thank you! You're welcome, glad I could help :) x

  4. I'm falling in love with your boots dear :D


  5. So many shoes! Haha love it! Great post dear xx

  6. oh wow I LOVE YOUR JC FREDA's aha my favourite JC shoes, wish I could get get aha!

    1. Thank you! I was lucky to grab them on sale for half price and felt like treating myself after Christmas! Keep an eye out on Style Pit coz they sometimes have really great offers on JCs :) xx

  7. I love your shoes! Wish I could have them all.

    Iulia xo

  8. Gorgeous collection of shoes. The Jeffrey Campbell's are my fav. You're blog is lovely.


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