Thursday, 27 February 2014

March Beauty Wishes

Now I know it's not March yet but I'm posting this now as I'm going to visit a friend for the weekend tomorrow for Karneval (celebration in Germany) so won't be posting till Monday.

It's finally nearly March which means I go home a week today and will finally be reunited with one of my favourite stores, Boots. They don't really have a Boots equivalent in Germany, there's DM and Rossmann but they're mainly toiletries and don't sell much make up then there's Douglas which is mainly more high end items; nothing really compares to Boots. So when I'm home, I always go in and stock up on everything and any new products I've got my eyes on!

My beauty wishes for March are all drugstore and all under £10. I've been lusting over the Revlon Matte Balms for months now and I literally can't wait to get my hands on a couple. I definitely want to try the colour sultry, which is musky pink colour and am yet to decide which others I want to buy. They (finally) launched in the UK in January and they are number 1 on my wishlist.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation is not a new product but it is one I've wanted to try for a while. All the reviews of this have been great and many are voting this and the L'Oreal True Match Foundation the two best drugstore foundations. I'm very pro L'Oreal True Match so it would only be right of me to try Bourjois Healthy Mix. 

I keep seeing the advert for the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara and am intrigued. I need a new everyday mascara as my Rimmel Scandaleyes is running out so I'm really tempted to try this. I'm lucky enough to have fairly long and naturally curly lashes so I'm yet to find a mascara that hasn't done the job!

I'm also dying to try the Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil eyeliner because I've been wanting a nude eyeliner to brighten up my eyes as I am a sufferer from horrific dark circles. This is one of the cheaper ones available at £3.99.

The Charles Worthington Texturising Spray is a fantastic dupe for the Oribe Texturising Spray which retails at £18! I've heard many vloggers rave about this cheap alternative so will definitely be buying this!

Finally, is the Garnier Micellar Water. I love Garnier skincare products and use their toner and cleanser daily. I was excited to learn that they'd released this micellar water. This is a fairly new concept to the UK market with the only other micellar water available in drugstores being a L'Oreal version, both retailing at £4.99 which is half the price of the original, by Bioderma. I'd like to try this as sometimes toner can be a bit harsh on your face whereas micellar water isn't. The reviews I've read and watched seem great too and if it's anything like Garnier's other skincare products, I'm sure I'll love it!

Sorry if this was me rambling a bit but when I get started on a product, I just can't seem to stop! If/when I end up buying some of these next week I'll be sure to do some reviews on my blog and perhaps a drugstore Beauty haul on my YouTube channel, if you're not subscribed already, click here to do so!

What beauty products are you lusting over at the minute?

I hope you all have lovely weekends and if any of you reading are in Germany: have wonderful Karneval celebrations!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You Didn't Even Notice When The Sky Turned Blue

☀ Tee Shirt - American Apparel ☀ Jeans - Urban Outfitters (similar here Shoes - Urban Outfitters (similar here☀ Cardigan - Forever 21 (similar here Nails - Revlon scented Nail Varnish in Mad About Mango 

So I'm sticking to my word of more outfit posts seeing as I had a really good response from the last one I did, thank you for your lovely comments, they always make me smile (cringe, sorry). 

This outfit is very simple again because believe it or not, I don't wear statement or fancy clothes 24/7. I want to give you guys a proper insight to my wardrobe and to do that I'm going to show you what I honestly just throw on in the morning. There are days when I plan an outfit out but that's not everyday me. Seeing as I work Monday-Friday on my placement, I just dress like the photos above (dress code for my office is casual.) So my outfit posts are going to be a mix depending on what I'll be doing that day. I want to give you a real insight instead of dressing up and throwing on statement pieces only to take them off after I've taken my photos. I'm going to stop rambling now, I think/hope you get the gist.

I had people looking at me like I was mad today when I was walking to work as I'd rolled up my jeans to make them ankle grazers. The sun's shining and I'm definitely feeling in the mood for Spring so decided to dress like it. Honestly, it's not that cold (around 10 degrees), whether that's just me and the northerner within coming out, I don't know. I got these jeans in the sale from Urban Outfitters for 12€ and they're super comfy and high waisted - my favourite.

The top is a sheer top from American Apparel, which I picked up for 7€. Since I was wearing it for work, I threw on a plain H&M white vest top underneath to make it more casual. It's a gorgeous pastel blue colour and I love to go against the "rules" of the season and wear florals and pastels when it's still technically Winter, does anyone else do that?

I then threw on these black patent loafers which I also got from Urban Outfitters for 6€ (bargain, I know)! They have hurt my feet as expected, as it's the first time I've worn them; however I thought ahead and packed my trusty vans and a pair of socks in my bag to slip into if the pain became too much. The cream cardigan is an old favourite of mine that my parents got me from Forever 21 in Las Vegas a few years ago. It's my favourite cardigan and I love to wear it in Spring/Summer as I think it's such a gorgeous cardigan for the season.

On my nails, I have one of Revlons scented nail varnishes - Mad About Mango. If you've never tried these, when dried they smell exactly like the scent you've chosen, in this case - mango. It's a beautiful and bright colour, really putting me in the mood for some Summer sun! I'd definitely recommend these as they're a really fun concept and the coverage lasts for ages!

I'm definitely sad to be leaving Winter behind as it means I'll have to put a lot of my hats, Winter boots and fur away for another year!

What's your favourite style season?


Monday, 24 February 2014

Shoe Collection | YEAR ABROAD VERSION |

Hey guys!

I'm all moved into my new flat now and love it. Had a relaxing weekend of settling in and my flatmate is super nice too, which is a bonus! I'm actually off sick today, woke up feeling rotten and still have a raging temperature, blergh. Anyway, as many of you may know, I love shoes, they're my favourite thing to buy and I just can't resist when it comes to shoes.

Seeing as I'm on my year abroad currently, I can't do a full shoe collection post as I didn't bring all my shoes with me so this is just a fraction of them (warning: this post is picture heavy). 

L-R: Miss Selfridge, H&M

Although I don't really buy sandals I think owning a pair is essential and these ones from Miss Selfridge (left) are really cute for Summer. I got them a couple of years ago in the sale for about £8 and they're just really easy to wear. The flip flops are super comfy and I've had these years. I'm not a fan of rubber or cushioned flip flops, I much prefer these woven style ones - a wardrobe must.

L-R: Nike Blazers from Footlocker, Purple Glittery Vans from Office

I love my blazers so so much, I got these almost a year ago and I've worn them to death. They're super comfy and a really great casual shoe. I'm a huge vans fan and these are great because they're not cotton like the normal ones and don't tear and get holes in. I've had these around 18 months now and they're still going strong.

L-R: Jeffrey Campbell from TK Maxx, Vans from Vans store

These spiked high tops are one of my favourite pairs of shoes. I found these in TK Maxx for around £50 which is over half the RRP. They're amazing to look at and comfy but they're so heavy so I can't wear them if I'm going to be doing a lot of walking. These vans have been worn to death but I really don't want to throw them away. I got these about 2 and a half years ago but can't seem to part with them.

L-R: Primark, a random cheap shoe shop in the Bullring which has now closed down

I got these T bar Stiletto heels from Primark and I don't think they look like Primark at all. They fit really nice, the heel's around 4 inches and have little gold buckles. The wedges are a standard black wedge and are really comfy. I got them from a shop in the Bullring, Birmingham, which has now closed down but I can't remember the name!

L-R: Jeffrey Campbell from TK Maxx, Jeffrey Campbell from Style Pit

These are 2/3 of the Jeffrey Campbell heels I own and they're so comfy! The one's on the left were a bargain at £60 from TK Maxx and are the lita style shoe. These are the comfiest heels I own by far and the heel height is 5 inches. The one's on the left are my Freda's and I got these in the sale from Style Pit. The heel height of these is 6.5 inches but they're surprisingly comfortable and not hard to walk in.

L-R: Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters, New Look, TK Maxx

I love simple flat shoes and the one's on the left are a recent purchase, 6 euros from Urban Outfitters! The middle one's aren't the comfiest shoes I own, I definitely have to wear tights with them and the one's on the right are a grey crocodile print shoe, super practical and super comfy.

L-R: Topshop, Marks & Spencers

I got these velvet studded pumps from Topshop in a sale and they're very worn but I can't let them go, they're so comfy! The brogue style shoes are extremely comfortable from Marks & Spencers. I don't usually shop there but I picked these up about 3-4 years ago now and they've been amazing, can't fault them at all!

L-R: New Look, EMU at TK Maxx

These are my most sensible pairs of boots. The one's on the left I got from New Look nearly 5 years ago. They're lined with fur inside so are super cosy and have great grip for snowy weather. The one's on the right are the comfiest boots I own, they don't have much grip so aren't too practical but for comfort, they're amazing.

L-R: Jeffrey Campbell at Office, Boohoo

These Jeffrey Campbell boots are shoes I save for best. The heel is so tiny that I'm always scared of running it down too much so don't wear these all the time. I love the gold detailing on these and think they're super cute and unique. The boots on the right are a standard pair of black flat chelsea boots from Boohoo. They're super comfy and a staple piece.

L-R: New Look, Boohoo, ASOS

The boots on the left are from New Look and great dupes for the Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes. These are comfy when they want to be but sometimes can be a nightmare and rub my feet, very hit and miss! The middle one's are from Boohoo and have a cleated sole and are a heeled chelsea boot. They're reasonably comfortable but I can't walk around in them all day or my feet would be in agony but for wearing for a few hours, they're perfect! The one's on the right from ASOS have been my favourite boots this Winter. I love the contrast sole and chunky heel. They're super comfy and as you can probably tell, I've been wearing these most days.

So that's my shoe collection that I have here with me in Germany. Advice to anyone going on a year abroad: this many pairs of shoes is not that necessary! As you can tell, I have a thing mainly for boots, hence Winter being my favourite season.

What's your favourite style of shoe, do you have a favourite pair and what's your fashion weakness?


Thursday, 20 February 2014

February Wishes

☼ Shark Tee - Topshop  Batwing Geometric Pattern Sweater - She Inside  Jeffrey Campbell Brazen Platform - Nasty Gal  Flower Crown - ASOS ☼ Dropped Waist Tunic - Topshop 

I promised myself that 2014 would be a year of change for me and as cheesy and cringey as that sounds, I'm trying to do the same to my wardrobe. I'm not completely trying to change my style, I just want to be a little bit more adventurous in the colours that I wear. I love wearing black and probably wear it too much so I've decided to try out wearing actual colours this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm never going to stop wearing black as it's my favourite colour to wear but a splash of colour isn't going to do any harm.

I've picked out my February Wishes and there's only one black item in there (three cheers for me!) I love these Jeffrey Campbell platforms and think they'd look super cute with a pastel shift dress in Spring. The geometric sweater is super cute for this time of year when we're going through a change over from Winter to Spring, it's still quite cold outside but the sun's shining so you don't feel like wearing thick, heavy clothing so this is perfect. This may come as a surprise but I have a huge fascination for sharks so I love this shark tee from Topshop - it looks super casual and comfy; it's something I could wear every day. It's nearly Spring which means I can finally dust off my flower crowns and get them out for the season ahead. I love this turquoise and yellow one from ASOS, I think it's the perfect size if you want a more subtle design. Finally, this drop waist tunic from Topshop is a perfect casual Spring/Summer design. I love the simplicity of the design and the pastel mint colour of the dress, which is perfect for Spring. Drop waist's are going to be big this season and it adds that "something special" to this plain dress.

I hope you're all having wonderful weeks, or trying to anyway! I'm excited because tomorrow is finally Friday and I'm home 2 weeks today for a few days to see my family! I'm moving flats this weekend and still have so much to organise so if posts and videos on my YouTube channel are a little slow over the next few days - that's why! If I don't post tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

What are you lusting over this February?


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

She's Got Two Tone Everything

Top - Topshop (soooo old, similar here)
Skirt - H&M (old) (similar here)
Hat - H&M
Boots - ASOS
Charm Bracelet - Thomas Sabo

I rarely do outfit posts for a number of reasons: self confidence about my weight, I don't have a big fancy camera and I have no-one to take my photos. So I apologise that my outfit posts usually consist of me just taking a picture with my phone in a mirror - so pro. I'm going to try and do more though in the daylight, I just need someone to take my pictures (offers are welcome, ha). 

Anyway, the title of this blog post (lyrics from She Way Out by one of my favourite bands The 1975) has me down to a t. I am obsessed with two tone things, two of my favourite colours to wear are black and white and I love anything that contrasts as you can see in the outfit above. 

The top I got from Topshop about 4 years ago, it was originally supposed to be more of a dress but I shrunk it in the wash by accident a couple of times so it's now an oversized tee. I paired it with a black velvet skater skirt, thick black tights and some contrast sole boots from ASOS (I love these boots to death, highly recommend). I then threw on my fedora hat to make everything seem a little fancier; I love how something such as a hat can change the whole look and feel of an outfit. This entire outfit is pretty much two tone, it's a trend I hope will never ever go away, I can hope, right?

I'm definitely going to try and do more outfit posts, I need to just pluck up the courage to do so just like I did with making YouTube videos and I'll be away but thoughts and tips for outfit posts are extremely welcome! :)

Talking of YouTube videos, I'll have a new one up either today or tomorrow then quite a few hauls in the coming weeks! I'll stop blabbering now and leave you to get on with your day, hope it's a good one!


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Sunday, 16 February 2014

High-End Shoe Dupes

So as many of you probably know, high-end shoes come with a massive price tag that is way out of a lot of peoples price range. Hence, the dupe was created. For those that don't know, a dupe is basically a word for a similar looking item which is a lot cheaper than the original. You now may be thinking: but that's just a knock off right? Wrong. A dupe is something that takes inspiration from the original and doesn't completely copy it.

Anyway, now all that technical stuff is out of the way - on to my post. I sat down and chose 5 high-end/luxury shoes and found dupes for every single one. So now you can get the look without the crazy price tag! The shoes I chose range from £90-£695 and the dupes range from £13.99-£50. So without further ado, here they are:

The shoes featured on the left are the Jeffrey Campbell Mulders. These were never actually available in the UK so I got the price off Nasty Gal and did a rough conversion from dollars to pounds, however they could have been priced even higher. The shoes on the right are extremely similar, the only noticeable difference being the laces. These are available for £50 on Boohoo, less than half the price of the originals.

These Charlotte Olympia kitty flats were everywhere in 2013 and the trend just hasn't stopped. However, £485 for a pair of ballet flats is a little steep, especially when you're on a budget! There's dupes of these all over ebay, these ones being only £13.99. They also come in a variety of colours, just like the luxury originals.

The black patent studded Pigalles by Christian Louboutin come in at £695, which is unfortunately out of mine and a lot of other peoples price ranges. These spectacular shoes from Missguided are extremely similar and for a fraction of the price - it's a must! I'm seriously considering buying these until I can afford the originals! The only difference in these shoes is of course, the infamous red sole and the Missguided ones are more of a matte finish.

These Dr Martens and H&M are extremely similar. The Dr Martens are priced at £90 whereas the H&M floral boots are priced at £24.99, making them an absolute steal. The differences here are minor including the colour of the sole and slightly different coloured flowers on each design. However, if you're looking to get the look, the H&M ones are a complete bargain.

The two tone shoe is one of my favourite trends of all time and I'm certainly glad it's here to stay for 2014. The left hand shoes are by Miu Miu and are priced at £460. However, you can get these New Look at ASOS dupes for £19.99. They're very similar as you can see, the differences being the New Look ones have an ankle strap and black heel. However, for the price, you really can't complain.

Of course with dupes, you aren't going to get the same quality as you do with a high-end shoe but if you just want to get the look, I'd definitely recommend the shoes I listed above. So before you go blowing a huge amount on shoes, remember there's always a cheaper alternative in the form of a dupe!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pretty in Pastels

Pretty in Pastels

Pretty in Pastels by xo-hannahbanana 

Hey guys!

Spring is nearly upon us (well, 6 weeks away) and the shops are filled with pretty Spring colours and patterns! One of my favourite Spring trends, is pastels. I love how pastel colours can make any piece of clothing look instantly cute and elegant.

A big hit this year has been the pastel colour Boyfriend coats, as pictured above. This baby blue one is from Glamorous and is £78. I love these and think they're the perfect kind of coat for the weather we're having at the moment in Germany (which is a hell of a lot better than the UK, as I've heard!)

This PVC pastel pink pencil skirt (say that quickly!) from Fashion Union is only £20 and again, has been a big favourite in the past couple of months within the blogging community. PVC is usually for a harsher and edgier look but this pretty pink shade gives it a cute spring girly feel.

The shoes above are my favourite from these pastel picks. They're a great dupe for the Jeffrey Campbell Mulder's and are £75 from River Island. I love the thick white platform and cleated sole and again, a heavy shoe has been made to look somewhat elegant with this pink touch.

The pastel yellow coloured top is from River Island and is £35. It's embellished with little flowers and has yellow lace detailing too. It's just a really pretty top and very Spring/Summer than could be dressed up or down. It's a yellow that all can wear too as it's not too bright and won't completely take all the attention from your outfit.

The lilac cami above is a really good staple piece to have in your wardrobe. It's £18 and from Topshop. This could be worn with the PVC skirt just tucked in to create an elegant use of colour blocking or just with jeans as a pretty Summer top. Cami's are everywhere right now and it's not hard to see why; they're casual, cute and oh so elegant.

Finally, is this little mint green clutch from Missguided which is £14.99. This would compliment a Spring evening outfit perfectly. It's a very simple design but effective; it could be used with darker colours to add a splash of colour or paired with other pastels for that perfect Spring look.

So if you haven't been to the shops yet to stock up on Spring pastels, what are you waiting for?!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ultimate Wishlist

Ultimate Wishlist

Ultimate Wishlist by xo-hannahbanana featuring Alexander McQueen

Do you ever sit around wondering what you would buy if money was no problem and grew on trees? Everybody has those little wishlists where they think about what they would like the most if they could buy one high price tag item. As a complete fashion and beauty geek, I think about this regularly and I thought it'd be fun to show you my ultimate fashion wants.

The thing I would like more than anything else is the Christian Louboutin Pigalles. I'm a huge shoe fanatic, so obviously shoes would be my number 1 choice but specifically these ones. I love the classic cut and style of the shoe with the infamous red sole. Anyone who knows me will know I love anything with studs and spikes so this just makes the shoe even more special for me. A girl can dream, right? 

Other things on my list are a Chanel handbag (quilted with gold CC), an Alexander McQueen skull ring, a classic Burberry trench coat (khaki green) and a Burberry watch. One thing's for sure, I definitely dream big!

I'm sure you have that one dream item you've wanted for years whether it be a pair of Loubs, a Louis Vuitton handbag or a Rolex watch! If you could buy any fashion item in the world, what would it be and why?

Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines Day: Save, Spend & Splurge

As Valentine's Day is only 4 days away now, I thought I'd do a special blog post with some cute Valentine's Day looks all at different price ranges. So if you really want to go all out, I've found the perfect outfit but if you're shopping on a budget, there's plenty you can do too. Valentines Day is definitely an excuse to buy a new outfit, whether you're wanting to impress a special someone or simply just treat yourself by buying your own Valentines present in the form of new clothes!

If you're panicking trying to find something to wear, be sure to remember that a lot of online shops including Boohoo and Motel Rocks currently have offers on their next day delivery to ensure your outfit gets to you by the big day.

Here's an idea if you're looking to shop on a budget:

Dress - Boohoo £25, Clutch - Boohoo £18, Shoes - She Likes £25

I love the lace peplum detailing to this dress, I think it makes it look super romantic. This whole outfit is an absolute steal at the most expensive item coming in at £25. The shoes tie in really well with the dress and stick to the nude/black colour theme. The little velvet heart shaped clutch ties it all together giving it that Valentines feel.

The next outfit is for those who are willing to spend a bit more money but not go mad and really splash the cash:

Jumpsuit - River Island £45, Clutch - River Island £25, Shoes - Zara £49.99

This outfit is hitting literally every trend this season in one. Jumpsuits are still on trend at the minute and monochrome is set to be big again this year. I love the shoes as they match the jumpsuit perfectly and the use of colour blocking is just fabulous. The gold detailing and clasp on the clutch ties in with the subtle gold belt buckle on the jumpsuit.

Finally, an outfit for those who really want to pull out all the stops this Valentines Day:

Dress - Oh My Love £39, Clutch - Carvela at Debenhams £79, Shoes - Topshop £58

This outfit screams glam and of course, red is the perfect colour for Valentines Day. The box clutch ties in super well with the gold soles of the heels and give this outfit and edgier and even more glam look. The shoes are also available in blue and nude if anyone's interested in just the shoes alone.

I hope this has been remotely helpful to at least one person and if I've now made you want to go shopping, sorry!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Everyday Makeup Routine | Hannah Hearts Fashion

Hey guys!

Video on my everyday makeup routine, hope you enjoy! :)

I've also made a Facebook page for my blog so if you could go and like that, it would be much appreciated:


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Topshop Unique SS14

As showcased back in September 2013 at London Fashion Week, the SS14 Topshop Unique Collection is full of amazing pieces which live up to the collection name. Now it's getting more towards Spring/Summer, it's time to start thinking about our SS wardrobes. The shops are already full of Spring and Summer clothes and slowly getting rid of all the Winter wear as we put the season behind us. This Topshop collection is a little more on the pricey side, however it's justifiable as you're paying for the uniqueness of these pieces.

The Topshop Unique SS14 Collection showcases premium pieces including Mediterranean prints, cute co-ords and flowing sundresses. Here's a few of my favourite picks from the collection, now available at Topshop:

Tweed Frayed Shorts - £90
Tweed Frayed Crop Top - £75
Big Star Pocket Dress - £140
Maxi Shirt Dress - £150
Heeled Mule Shoes - £70
Green Suede Jacket - £225

My favourite from these picks is the big star pocket dress. The back of this dress is the star print seen on the shorts above, worn by Cara Delevingne. I think it's such a perfect dress for Summer as a casual sundress, the star print provides the statement and the relaxed loose style provides an element of comfort and casualness. The Topshop Unique Collection SS14 is available to shop now here

I'll be uploading a video tomorrow on my youtube of my everyday make up routine which I'm kind of nervous about, if you're not subscribed already please take a moment to subscribe by clicking here and checking out my videos, it would mean a lot!