Sunday, 12 January 2014

Review: Garnier BB Cream

Hey guys!

Just a quick side note before I begin: there's no editing on the pictures of me and the swatch so you can really see the true colour and coverage of this product.

I recently purchased the Garnier BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector in the shade light. I've wanted to try BB cream for a while and see what all the hype is about. I didn't want to splurge on one as I wasn't even sure if I'd like the product, so settled for this Garnier one which was 7.95 euros and is priced at £7.49 in Boots

If you don't know what BB cream is, it's basically a skin coloured cream that acts as a foundation, moisturiser and primer. You can wear it alone or underneath foundation, which is what I'll be doing. It essentially helps give maximum coverage when worn with foundation and also moisturises the skin. BB stands for blemish balm, which is where the moisturising feature kicks in.

I tried it out yesterday just by itself and was really impressed. You can see the results in the first picture above. It smells and applies like a cream but has excellent coverage. It also feels super light on the face and it didn't even feel like I was wearing any make up when I had it on. In the second picture of myself, I had it on underneath my make up and I personally think it did help with coverage and will be wearing it a lot more like this. It gave my face that extra coverage that foundation can't give and my make up lasted all day amazingly, proving that the primer feature of this product works too.

I would advise investing in this as it's perfect to put on if you're feeling lazy but still want some coverage on your face. It feels light and blends into the skin really well and it looks and feels like you are wearing no make up at all, which is great. Definite must have product of 2014.

Very exciting things happening as I type, I'm uploading my first vlog. It's something I've wanted to try for ages as I'm an avid watcher of vlogs, particularly fashion and beauty. So since it's a New Year and I'm feeling motivated, I decided to give it a shot. When it's all uploaded, I'll link it on here. My YouTube Channel is so if you could subscribe, that would be fab!



  1. I've tried this BB cream and really like it. It looks amazing on you! xx

    1. It's so pretty! It's my new favourite product, can't believe I ever lived without it! Thank you :) xx


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