Thursday, 5 December 2013

Contrast Sole Boots

Contrast Sole Boots

So, as some of you may have noticed already from the shops. Contrast sole boots are everywhere this season. I recently purchased a pair from ASOS (featured: number 3) and am in love with them. They actually arrived today which inspired me to do a piece on contrast sole boots. Here's my top contrast sole boots picks:

1. Vagabond Dioon Buckle Black Canvas White Sole - Office £74.99
I think these are my favourite contrast sole boots I've seen and the most expensive out of my 5 picks (surprise surprise). I love the chunkiness of these and the big buckles featured on the side of the shoe. Only disadvantage to these could be that they are canvas which as we all know, aren't the best shoes in bad weather.

2. Asterix Croc Chunky Lace Ups - Topshop £42
I very nearly bought this until I found the one's on ASOS. I love the crocodile skin look and the laces on these. I was a bit hesitant about these coz of how tight they might be round the ankle and could look extremely unflattering on my legs. However, they're a lovely design and a great price too.

3. ASOS Alfred Ankle Boots - ASOS £55
These are the ones I own (yay!) I am in love with them and can't wait to wear them in Paris this weekend. They have multiple small buckles on the sides going all the way up the boot and are a good thick sole. From what I've tried on of them so far, they also seem really comfortable. The heel's a chunky and a nice height which I like. As I'm only quite small (5"5) these take me up just over an inch or so which I'm very satisfied with. I'll be featuring these in a Paris lookbook I'll be doing next week.

4. Blonde & Blonde Mason Cut Out Boots - Bank £32
I don't usually shop at Bank but I really love these. They combine two of the hottest shoe trends right now, contrast sole and cut out boots. I love the indented edgy sole of these, I keep seeing this cut everywhere and I really like it. I love the little cut out's in them too, I think cut out boots can be worn both casually and can also be dressed up as they have such a unique edge.

5. Faith Black High Chelsea Boots - Debenhams £27.50 (SALE)
As you may notice above, the one's featured in my polyvore set are actually River Island boots which are now not in stock any more (sorry!) However, I found some in Debenhams from Faith which are pretty much identical and are currently on sale reduced from £50! I've linked them just above so you can see them properly. This is a more simple design and is essentially standard chelsea boots with a white sole. Very simple but very effective, again with the indented sole (sorry, I just love it so much!)

I think with contrast sole boots, you either love them or hate them. What do you think?


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