Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top 5 Christmas Jumpers!


As we’re very nearly in December now, I decided I’d do a post about my top 5 Christmas jumper picks! In my opinion, Christmas jumpers are a necessity at this time of year, they’re super cute and cosy to wear on Christmas day, Christmas shopping or for a trip to the Christmas markets where you can indulge in Mulled wine and all things festive. The Christmas markets here in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden (near where I live here in Germany) begin this week so I shall be paying my first visit this weekend and I’ll definitely be wearing my new Christmas jumper, I featured it in my last post, but here it is again:

The snowman nose is 3D and sticks out from the jumper which I loved about this. It was only 14€ (around £12) from Primark and they had many different designs for the same price including Santa, a Christmas tree with jingle bells for baubles and a Rudolph with a 3D red nose for men! If you want a cheap Christmas jumper bargain, definitely head down to Primark as I love them.

Anyway, here are my top 5 Christmas jumpers I’ve found in stores this year:

5 - She Likes £15
4 - Boohoo £18
3 - Topshop £44
2 - Glamorous £15
1 - River Island £35

I’ve actually ranked them 1-5, 1 being my favourite etc. Obviously, I haven’t tried these on or felt the material so I’ve ranked them purely on the design of my personal choice. Number 5, is the red penguin jumper from She Likes, I really like the design of this (and the price!) The penguin on the front is super cute and the bright red colour screams Christmas. For just £16 it’s a no brainer. The next Christmas jumper I picked was the Snowman one from Boohoo. Again, it’s a bargain at just £18 and has a super cute Snowman design with snow falling around them. I’m a big fan of Boohoo but I would recommend if you want to order from there for Christmas doing it soon as I made an order for some boots last week which have still not been dispatched due to the overwhelming amount of orders they’ve had so orders at the minute could be up to 2 days longer, so get ordering now!  Number 3 on my list is the fluffy knit snowflake jumper. This one’s a bit more expensive at £44 and it’s a much more toned down, simple Christmas design. The thing that draws me in to this one is the material. These fluffy style jumpers are the warmest, cosiest jumpers ever. I own a plain black one and it’s a God send so even though it’s more expensive, I would recommend this one as it’s 99% guaranteed to keep you warm in the cold Winter days/nights to come! The Christmas jumper I ranked number 2 is actually the cheapest out of the 5 at £15 and is from Glamorous.com. It combines deep, warm, winter colours with Christmas trees, hearts, snowflakes, Christmas stockings and a cute gingerbread man in the centre of the piece. I really like the design of this jumper as there’s a lot going on, similar to Christmas itself. Finally, my favourite Christmas jumper that I’ve come across is the white Christmas fair isle jumper from River Island. It’s £35 and I absolutely love the colours used on this. I’ve never seen a Christmas jumper like this before and love how original it is. I also love that it says Christmas in huge black letters on the front surrounded by snowflake and zig zag designs.

So that’s my top 5 Christmas jumper picks ranging from £15 to £44 so I suggest if you haven’t already got a Christmas jumper this year already, to get yourself down to the shops or get online and buy one before it gets too late!


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