Thursday, 21 November 2013

Haul - first shopping trip in Germany!


Sorry I haven't updated in just over a week or so, I was ill then my parents visited me for a few days and since they left on Monday, I've just been busy with my new exercise regime, but I won't harp on about that - back to fashion. 

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I went on my first shopping trip since I've been living in Germany. It's hard to believe that as I'm a complete shopaholic but because I'd been busy spending my money on travelling to other places and sightseeing I hadn't had enough for clothes! So this was the first time I was really let loose in the shops! I went to Frankfurt as it's the nearest city to me, about half an hour away by train and spent the afternoon shopping.

I don't mean to be harsh but I'm not really a fan of German shops so stuck to H&M and Primark (boring!) but that was my choice. I ended up buying quite a bit and I'm assuming they have the same if not similar items in the UK stores so here's what I bought:
1. Snowman Christmas Jumper - Primark 14€ (£12)
2. Jaws baggy top - H&M 3€ (£2.50)
3. Aztec Jeweled Jumper - Primark 16€ (£13)
4. Fluffy black jumper - Primark 15€ (12.50)
5. Fedora Hat - H&M 15€ (£12.50)
6. Checkered cropped Blouse - Primark 3€ (£2.50)
7. Dotty black Blouse - H&M 10€ (£8)
8. Grey Cardigan - Primark 8€ (£7)

So that's everything I purchased, so I definitely did well spending wise as they were all really good value for money! I'm aware you can't really see the black fluffy jumper but it's high neck, long sleeved, quite baggy and all over black fluffiness, gorgeous! I love the snowman Christmas jumper, I believe that everyone needs a Christmas jumper at this time of year and when it hits December, I'll be wearing it 24/7 in the countdown to Christmas! I'm a big fan of Jaws and I have a little fascination with sharks so the top was perfect for me and it's just a cool top to wear casually with jeans or leggings. On my first trip to Primark, I kept picking up the aztec jeweled jumper then putting it back and decided to leave it. I then returned after I couldn't stop thinking about it and bought it and I'm really glad I did! I've wanted a fedora hat for a while to wear when I got to Paris in a couple of weeks as I think they're a lovely winter hat alternative. I'd seen the checkered blouse in Primark in the UK a while ago and it's still in the sale over here so picked it up as it's nice for work and was a total bargain! The dotty black blouse I just really liked and again is useful for work but also tucked into high waisted jeans or disco pants for more of an evening look! Finally, I bought a standard short thin dark grey cardigan as I find these little cardigans so useful to wear under a thick coat so you're not too hot or too cold! All in all, it was a very successful first shopping experience in Frankfurt, hopefully more to come!


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