Sunday, 13 October 2013

Terrific Tartan

So I'm aware I haven't posted in a few months but all this is changing, fingers crossed! In the past few months, I've lacked motivation, not just with blogging, with a lot of other things too but I'm finally getting back on track and have a page full of ideas written down for future posts which I'm really excited about!

I moved to Germany for my year abroad in July and have started my job, I'm really enjoying it and it's going well, I think! I've just come back from the UK for a few days as I took a couple of days off and went for a long weekend to see my family for the first time since July!

Anyway, back to the current post! Tartan is everywhere at the minute on the UK high streets and was all over LFW too. It's one of the massive Autumn/Winter trends and with good reason. I personally think tartan can suit anyone, it doesn't have to be a tartan dress or trousers but something more subtle such as a scarf or bag to tie an outfit together. I'm actually guilty of not owning anything tartan but am currently on the hunt for the perfect tartan scarf so when/if I find one, I'll let you know! Here's my top tartan picks from the high streets A/W collections:

Blue Check High Waisted Trousers - River Island
Check Tote Bag - click Mango
Tessa Red Tartan Skater Skirt - She Likes
Tartan Doll Pinafore - Topshop

I absolutely love the tartan pinafore from Topshop and it's my favourite tartan item I've seen gracing the shops so far! Pinafore's are also back this season too so this number is combining two hot trends into one super hot trend. I think the tartan skater skirt is a standard staple piece that is flattering and can be easily worn by many. The trousers are similar to one's seen on the wonderful Cara Delevingne which have boosted the popularity of tartan trousers massively as she's leading the way with that trend! Finally, the tote bag is perhaps an item for those who don't want to wear such a bold piece as the bag is a little more subtle and would be the perfect winter handbag to give an all black outfit a pop of colour.



  1. welcome back!! I just started my blog back up, too! i'm really loving plaid (tartan) also. I've been seeing it a lot lately in stores.

    1. Me too! I'm dying for a tartan leather scarf! I love the tartan/plaid trend, I think it's just so cosy looking for winter :) I just tried to follow you but not sure if it worked because I'm on my phone, if not I'll try tomorrow! :)


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