Monday, 4 February 2013

Week in Pictures #5

sausage pasta, my fave Christmas tree cornflake cakes, a little late, I know the process of putting my new extensions in silly ootd me and my best friends on new years eve me and my mum in Berlin in December prawn stir fry, proper masterchef another ootd 

Hey everyone!

I'm currently sat feeling sorry for myself, starving hungry in my room! (the joys of dieting). I've also realised that I suck at updating on a Sunday because I'm always too lazy/tired from work, so I've come to the conclusion to do my "Week in Pictures" posts on a Monday as it's much more likely to actually get done! I've also started writing for a language learning blog, however my first post probably won't be up until tomorrow but be sure to check it out here. I'm also doing the "February Challenge" at the minute so any old photos on my "Week in Pictures" will be because of that, let's see if I can actually complete one of these challenges for once instead of abandoning after a week or two! Anyway, I'm planning an early night tonight so a quick channel 4 documentary then bed! 

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