Friday, 22 February 2013

London Town!

Dress - Topshop £38
Shoes - Forever 21 £7
Clutch - New Look £9.99

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. London was amazing, a very quick and brief trip but super cool! I love London, I have my bitch fits with it sometimes but it's such an amazing city. We went to Help a Capital Child London Ethnic after party at The Village Underground in Shoreditch. There was a fashion show held, live music, a bar then a little party afterwards, which finished pretty early, at around midnight (well that's when it started to die down anyway). We left just before then as we wanted to catch the last tube back to Kings Cross. I had no idea what the dress code was going to be so me and my friend took a guess at smart glam and it was very varied! I wore a monochrome dress from Topshop, pictured above. Finally a different setting for my outfit posts!! I paired it with a neon coral clutch and black lace heels. I got so much fashion inspiration whilst I was there as there was so many different styles going on! All in all, I had a really good night and am now feeling inspired to try new, more unique styles! I'll finish with a few snaps from my trip to Landaaaan!

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