Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week in Pictures #4

Hey fbloggers and bbloggers,

I've had a pretty busy week this week as it was back to work time for me! My legs are feeling it today from standing up for so long, ouch! My new healthy eating plan is going quiet well and I've also joined a gym! I've also managed to squeeze a little bit of shopping in, me and my friend ran into Forever 21 today 10 minutes before they closed and managed to grab a few bargains, talk about speed shopping! I'll be blogging about recent purchases later this week. For now, here's my week in pictures as I lead such an enthralling life (note the sarcasm):

♥ my boohoo disco pants, only £10! ♥ ootd: top - forever 21 (old), shirt - river island (old), disco pants - boohoo, shoes - vans (old), necklace - h&m (old) ♥ my new favourite flavour original source shower gel ♥ snow again in Birmingham ♥ a healthy pasta dish ♥ my natural curls ♥ notd: leopard spots, kiko turquoise nail varnish and models own nail art pen in black ♥ nando's olives ♥ my new babies from Forever 21, only £9! 

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