Monday, 28 January 2013

Go Go Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

jumper - Forever 21 
jeans - Republic
shoes - Converse
silver bracelet - Thomas Sabo
other bracelet - Just B

I bought this amazing jumper yesterday in Forever 21 for just £16.75. I was a huge power rangers fan when I was a kid so I automatically needed this jumper. They had lots of other "cartoon" designs too including: Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man, Avengers, Mickey Mouse and The Lion King and they'e all the same price. I wore it today as I couldn't wait and it's super comfy and surprisingly warm considering it's not that thick. The jeans I got from Republic a while ago, they're the standard high waisted ones that they always have in stock.

I'd just like to mention my bracelet quickly. I'm a fan of The Wanted (don't judge) and Tom Parker (in the band) has recently been promoting these new bracelets branded "Just B", a creation by his own mother. They're really cute as they all have the Just B sign on with a little message e.g. Just B Positive (which is what mine says) or Just B happy. I'd advise you to check them out, they're not The Wanted related if some of you don't like them but they're just really cute and original bracelets which are well worth a purchase!

My nails have been painted with Kiko nail lacquer in shade "342", which weirdly isn't available on the UK website (I bought mine in Germany) but there are plenty of similar shades here. I then drew on leopard style print with a models own nail art pen in black which you can find here.

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