Friday, 21 December 2012

Week in Pictures #1

Sorry for the long awaited update, I've been super busy! I was in Berlin for 4 days this past weekend then I've been catching up with friends/family whilst I'm currently home from Uni! So just a quick post of the past week in pictures for me since I've been back in Blackpool!

1. Typical German Currywurst! I literally live off this when I'm in Germany, for anyone that doesn't know what it is: it's chopped sausage with a spicy tomato sauce on it and curry powder - it's delicious! 2. Whenever I stay in hotels, I always make use of the bath! I'm not sure why, maybe because I only have a shower at uni but there's something so cosy about a bubble bath in winter! 3. Traditional apple strudel in die Berliner Republik (a little pub/eatery off Friedrichstrasse.) 4. In the lobby of our hotel there was a giant gingerbread house that had taken over 350 hours to construct! It was all made out of proper gingerbread and sweets! 5. KaDeWe is a very elite designer department store in Berlin and it's Christmas tree did not fail to impress! 6. We visited the Reichstag dome, just me joking around in there, as usual. 7. Me and my Mum at the markets at Potsdamer Platz drinking Gluehwein and hot chocolate with a shot of baileys, my favourite! 8. The best Christmas markets we visited, in my opinion: Gendermenmarkt located just by Hausvogteiplatz. 9. Back in Blackpool: having my breakfast made for me at home + having eggs for the first time in months, it's the simple things in life! 10. On Thursday, me and my friends from school/college went to town for our first night out together in months and this is what I wore: a dress I picked up at the clothes show for £10 by Club L and my old faithful black heels from Topshop, £65. 11. Whenever I've had a bit too much to drink, I always end up taking silly photos of myself in the bathrooms of clubs! 12. Feeling a little rough on Friday after Thursday night so lazed around all day in my trusty onesie, courtesy of Primark, £14 (it's a sheep.)

Sorry this post's a little sketchy in parts but I'll be posting a proper post in the upcoming few days! Are any of you going away this Christmas or have any of you ever visited Berlin? Let me know in the comments below.

Hannah xo

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