Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Spike up your life...

Firstly, I'm so sorry for how long it's taken me to update but I haven't had a laptop as mine broke last week and has been sent for repair :( which is why I'm on my old one which is extremely old and doesn't have a lot of my software on it, boo! Hopefully, I should have mine back in a couple of weeks! 

Some good news though: I bought a Clothes Show Live ticket last week for this Sunday (9th Dec), I managed to get a good seat for the catwalk show last minute and with it being my first time going to the Clothes Show, I'm super excited and will be writing all about my day when I get back on Sunday night!

Anyway, on with my post! Studs and spikes are all over the UK high street at the minute and it's the ultimate winter trend! This fierce trend is the best way to add an edge to your outfit. You can even customise your own normal clothes by buying studs from a local haberdashery! One thing I always get comments on (both positive and negative) is my phone case...

It fits in with the studs/spikes trend and I personally love it. It's a rubber back case with the spikes screwed on. The main question I always get asked is: "does it hurt to hold that?" - the answer being no. It looks like it'd be awkward to hold but the spikes aren't sharp at all when just holding it normally. It was £12 from River Island and they've recently brought out neon yellow and neon pink versions! It's still in stores to buy now as I bought it not so long ago. The only downside to this phone case is that if you're clumsy like myself, you'll lose a few of the spikes as they can unscrew if you're not careful and it does make your phone awfully heavy - but it's definitely worth it. 

My top studs and spikes picks...

1.  Black Studded Purse - £17 River Island

2. Gold Studded Biker Jacket - £50 Topshop

3. Black Stud Bodycon Dress - £35 New Look

4. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Ankle Boot Black and Gold - £150 Office

5. MOTO Khaki Studded Hotpants - £35 Topshop

A personal studded favourite of mine are the Jeffrey Campell Lita's, I myself own a pair and I'd go as far to say that they're the best shoes I've ever bought! They're not hard to walk in and super comfy as they're all leather with a huge hidden platform. Well worth the splurge! Here's how they look on:

So get shopping and spike up your life with the hottest trend around!

Hannah xo


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    1. thanks Bhavna! They were my birthday present last year haha! :) x


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