Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ready Set Go, It's Time To Run...

all the way to the Christmas sales!


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas yesterday. I had a lovely time with my family and it was great to just spend time with them and stuff myself silly, I swear I've never been so full! 

So today, the Christmas sales officially begun! Hundreds camped over night and went in the early hours to wait for the shops to open their doors this morning ready for the Christmas sales! I myself never go shopping on boxing day as I like to spend the day with family, however I did have a cheeky look online and managed to snag myself a bargain! I tell myself every year that I won't buy anything until a couple of weeks later and I always give in to online temptation! I go back to Birmingham next Friday and am determined to make it to the Bullring on Saturday to have a proper look at the sales. This is today's purchase:

£9.50 reduced from £32 - House of Fraser
I'm so chuffed with this dress, for under a tenner I couldn't resist. I love the arcade patterning and can't wait to wear it on a night out!

So what do YOU think about people queuing over night to get the best bargains and have YOU managed to find anything yet in the Christmas sales?

Hannah xo

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