Monday, 24 December 2012

Ear Cuff Chaos!

Hi there!

Ear cuff's are everywhere at the minute! This edgy trend has been sweeping the high street for a few months now and it doesn't seem to be going away! They range from a simple stud and chain to statement pieces. I am obsessed with them and I can't stop buying them! Look out for them in the Christmas sales which will be upon us in just a couple of days! I always find the Topshop sales amazing and the jewellery becomes so cheap, it's hard to resist! I've chosen a few of my favourites from the UK high street stores!

1. Miso Feather and Spike Ear Cuff - £5 Republic --- 2. Sunbeam Ear Cuff - £10 Chelsea Doll --- 3. Silver Tone Diamante Snake Ear Cuff - £4 River Island --- 4. Heart Arrow Chain Ear Cuff - £4.25 Topshop --- 5. Dragon Ear Cuff - £8 Chelsea Doll --- 6. Drop Cross Ear Cuff & Pearl Spike Earrings - £5 ASOS --- 7. Curve Stone Ear Cuffs - £16.50 Miss Selfridge --- 8. Cross Chain Ear Cuff - £8.50 Topshop

So get on this top high street trend by picking up a few of these great ear cuff designs now!

Happy Shopping!

Hannah xo

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