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Clothes Show Live 09/12/2012

On Sunday, I went to the infamous Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. It was my first time going and having heard so many great things about it, I was super excited to break my Clothes Show virginity and it certainly did not disappoint! I arrived at about 1pm and spent 4 hours shopping round the different stalls before I headed into the catwalk show art 5:30pm. It was packed full of girls all craving the same bargains I was and there was a lot on offer! The busiest stall by far was Jamie Laing's (Made in Chelsea) Candy Kittens stall. I ended up buying a jumper from there at a discounted price of £30. There were stalls such as River Island, Topshop, Candy Kittens, vintage boutiques and unique boutiques on offer in the fashion section for all those craving the latest UK trends and styles! In the beauty section, there were brands such as Rimmel, Lee Stafford, Models Own and Barry M, to name a few. I took £100 and spent every single penny but got so much for my money!

The first thing I bought was this jumper. For those that have never heard of "Candy Kittens", it's a clothing brand owned by Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing. Being a huge fan of MIC and Candy Kittens myself, it was inevitable that I was going to purchase something from their stall. The first thing I did when I arrived, was run to find the Candy Kittens stall where I found this jumper for just £30, compared to the usual price of £40. For those that don't watch MIC, Jamie and his group of friends use the phrase "yea boi" a lot, hence the printing on the jumper. It's super comfy and it was definitely my favourite purchase of the day! To check out more of Candy Kittens, click here to visit their website!

The next thing I purchased was this:

This dress was £9.99 from Club L, the RRP is £39 so again, a good bargain! I love space/galaxy prints so this dress was perfect for me. Also, the fact that it's a skater dress is a bonus, as I personally find them the most flattering pieces of clothing for curvier figures like my own. 

Then came the beauty and make up stalls. The discounts on these were unreal, Barry M and Models Own had goody bags which were £10 each which included a huge selection of make up. The Models Own goody bag had £70's worth of make up which included 2 nail varnishes of your choice for £10. The Barry M one had £50's worth of make up in it for just £10.

The Models Own goody bag included: a nail file/buffer, Bubblegum Flavour Lip Balm, Lipgloss, a nail clipper, Black Nail Art Pen, Eyeshadow Applicators, Black Eye Liner Pencil, Lip Liner Pencil, Powder Eyeshadow in White Pearl, Powder Eyeshadow in Matte Black and Black Liquid Eye Liner. The two nail varnishes I chose were Hedonist and Disco Heaven from the Hedkandi collection. All this was just £10!

Included in the Barry M goody bag was: Face and Body Shimmer Powder, Eye Liners in lilac, green and turquoise, Pink Glitter Eye Crayon, Bright Turquoise Lengthening Mascara, Limited Edition Lipgloss, 3 Nail Varnishes: Retro Purple, Retro Red and Retro Pink and 3 Dazzle Dusts in green, black and pink. Again, all this was £10 for 12 items with a discount of over £40!

I then went to the jewelry stalls and picked up 7 items of jewelry for £10, a lot of it being Topshop jewelry worth £8 average each.

These rings were all in the 3 for £5 section, the middle one was supposed to be £8 from Daisy and Eve. The other two had no labels on them so I'm not sure where they're from but I loved them both and for around £1.70 each, I couldn't resist!

All these pairs of earrings worked out at around £1.70 each, 3 pairs being from Topshop and the final pair, Lipsy. I love big statement earrings so these were an amazing find for me personally!

Finally, I picked up a £3 goody bag from Cosmopolitan & Company and the amount you got for just £3 was incredible. Missguided lipgloss, an OPI red shatter nail varnish, Rimmel eyeshadow palette, kleenex shine absorbing sheets, a mini dry shampoo, some rhubarb and custards, a packet of crisps (I ate them on the way home), some coconut water (not a fan of that but still, for pretty much free, you can't complain!) and a copy of Company and Cosmo!

All in all, my first experience of the clothes show was incredible and it'll most definitely be coming a yearly thing for me now! For anyone who's never been, I advise you to go as you won't regret it! Standard tickets this year were £27 which included a seat in the Suzuki arena for a fashion show with 270 different outfits! It was themed around a magazine and different tasks they had to do before the magazine was sent for publishing for example, photo shoot in Rio (the clothes were all bikini/beach themed), Fashion Awards (glamorous dresses) and a theme on unique fashion district, Shore Ditch in London which was unique and edgy designs etc. Signing off with a few of my photos from the catwalk show now!

Hannah xo

 From the "photo shoot in Rio" theme.
 I'm afraid I've forgotten the name of this theme but it was all lingerie based.
 A Nicki Minaj themed "video shoot."
 From the theme "photo shoot in Sicily."
 Another photo from the "photo shoot in Sicily" theme.
 "Fashion Awards" theme.
Finished off with all the dancers performing the infamous, Gangnam Style!

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